The Hop Knot: The Bar with Twists

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The Hop Knot: The Bar with Twists

The Hop Knot: The Bar with Twists


Bars are just a good time waiting to happen. These places are the origin of amazing stories to tell and as such, bars have been a staple in American lives. One bar chain that has been making a mark on the lives of countless connoisseurs is The Hop Knot. As one of Connecticut’s leading name in the industry, they deliver the best food and drinks around. 

Hanging out or celebrating something with friends? No matter what the occasion is, it’s always a must to go to places with good food and drinks. Yes, you can find lots of bars out there that boast of mouthwatering dishes and beers but that’s not just about it as you can find such bars anywhere and there’s no difference in terms of experience.


Incredible Twists with Craft Beer Makes for an Amazing Combination.


The Hop Knot offers a whole lot different experience to customers as they don’t just serve common snacks and alcoholic beverages. Rather, they serve food with a twist – and that is pretzels and they’re not just plain twisted bread products but gourmet pretzels. From pretzel sandwiches to even dessert pretzels, they have it. So say goodbye to the common bar menu items such as French fries, nachos, and whatnot because, at The Hop Knot, your taste buds will definitely have something more different than what the usual bars serve.

But that’s not it. Here’s another twist: at The Hop Knot, you can play games during your stay. They have a wide array of board games for you and your friends for your table-top entertainment which not all bars have. They have a bookshelf filled with lots of board games for you to enjoy – from the classical games like Sorry! to even the newer ones like Cards Against Humanity or even Jenga. You can play them as you take delight in their gourmet pretzel dishes or even while you wait for your orders to arrive.


A Craft Beer Selection that’s hard to Match.


Apart from that, they also serve craft beers and you have tons of options to choose from as well. For beer lovers, you can sign up for their mug club and you can get a personal mug for free. You also won’t have to pay for your first beer. On top of that, you can have free beers on your birthday. If you’re not a fan of craft beers, you can also choose from their cocktail selection.

The Hop Knot is the best place to visit for dinner and even for late night hangouts, especially on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This place also has an ambiance that you and your friends will surely enjoy as it gives off the perfect casual yet a very hipster vibe. You don’t have to worry about the price, though, as their menu items are very affordable.

Looking for a place for your next chill out session with friends? Check out what other things that Hop Knot has to offer at If you have questions or other concerns, you can also reach out to them via phone and call (860) 788-6651.


For information on the Hop Knot Franchise, visit the franchise site:


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