Xcelerate Moving Service: For Professional Local and Long Distance Moves

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Xcelerate Moving Service: For Professional Local and Long Distance Moves

Xcelerate Moving Service: For Professional Local and Long Distance Moves

Xcelerate Moving is a business based in New York that offers a range of local and long distance moves, amongst other services. The business was founded by Kaz Berret, who has turned Xcelerate Moving into a company that is now successful thanks to his modular organization of departments and strong leadership of personnel in the company.

Xcelerate Moving can take care of the moving process from packing to moving and unpacking into your new premises. The company provides both local and long-distance moving services. There are also a host of other services provided by the company.

Moving Services that are Professional and Accountable

Local Moves: Xcelerate Moving is a licensed, bonded and insured company that offer stress-free removals. Xcelerate Moving can handle all your moving needs from packing, labeling, professional handling of fragile or valuable items, amongst others. The company defined local moves as those removals that are within 50 to 100 miles radius. The move is charged by the hour and the company has highly trained professional staff who can guarantee a smooth transition to your new premises.

Long Distance Moves: The company can also facilitate long distance moves for your home or office removals. Long distance moves are defined as those removals greater than a distance of 100 miles to other cities and states. Xcelerate Moving has the experience, logistical know-how, and professional personnel that will help organize the stress-free transition to your new home.

Specialty Services: If you have heavy items that you need to move to a new location safely, the company offers specialty moves for items such as freezers, piano, or furniture.

Moving and Packaging Service you can Count On

To ensure that your transition is smooth, the company provides packaging services. Packaging is critical in ensuring all your items get to the destination safe and secure. They have a wide range of packaging for small moves requiring only a few boxes to large moves requiring considerable packaging materials. Each truck comes with 5 to 10 boxes to cover your basic moving needs. The packaging service can be an add-on to your local or long distance moves or can be requested as a separate service for all kinds of transitions. This also includes packaging for sensitive items such as antiques, electronics, vases, amongst other sensitive items.


Storage can lead to serious logistical nightmares when moving to a new place. This is particularly true when you are not ready to move to the new premises because building or renovations are ongoing, or issues may arise during the moves such that you are not able to clear with your landlord on time.

Xcelerate Moving offers storage for all kinds of moves. The company has a large warehouse that acts as a storage facility. It is designed such that all items are stored in units on the ground floor. This prevents damage that comes from moving furniture through stairways and elevators.  Whether you need to store a few boxes from your office or are moving from a 10,000-square-foot home, Xcelerate Moving will provide convenient, safe, and secure storage for all your needs.


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