From Humble Beginnings To Statewide Recognition

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From Humble Beginnings To Statewide Recognition

From Humble Beginnings To Statewide Recognition

Hambleton Handyman did not start as a home repair business. Two brothers started it as a home remodeling company, but later included repairs and handyman services after finding out the market for their services. Residents of North Virginia are busy people, as are most of the people in other parts of the world, and so they needed these services for their homes.

12 years of hard and honest work has seen the company grow to what it is today. The brand is well respected in this state and has a string of repeat customers who have not hesitated to recommend Hambleton handyman both online and offline.

  • Professional Care

The company is determined to retain the standards that got it this far, and so customer care is one of the best in this part of the world. The techs are not only knowledgeable in their trade, but they also show up in time, and they are respectable.

Every tech who works for Hambleton Handyman must have at least 15 years of experience in their field, That aside, they will be taken through a 3-month course for skill polishing. They also go through continuous learning to stay up to date with the latest in the industry. 

  • Pay When Satisfied

Payments matter because after all, every for-profit business is open for money in exchange for services. However, Hambleton Handyman knows that a satisfied customer is way better than an immediate check. Before any work is invoiced, the techs have to ensure that the client is happy and they are glad to pay for the service. In case of a repeat job to remedy a mistake, the company does not charge afresh.

  • Reasonable Price For Material

One of the things that make repair jobs so expensive is the cost of material. Spare parts can inflate the cost of a job, which is why the company includes them in the final price, seeing as they get them at a discount. In the end, you pay less for quality services and material.

Services Offered

The company offers all the interior and exterior services you would need for your home. Seeing as residents of Northern Virginia hardly have time for painting their homes, repairing bathrooms, lighting installation, carpet removal, and so many other things they may need to make their homes habitable, HH techs come to their rescue.

The same applies to the outside part of your home, such as demolition, repairing the siding or installing a new one, wheelchair ramp installations, or deck repairs. Nothing is too complicated for these handy techs as they have already studied the art and are available throughout Northern Virginia.

Family Affair

The business was started as a family affair, and the brothers are determined to keep it running in the same way it always has for all these years. Even with a franchise program coming up, the company will stay committed to serving the community and each franchise will uphold the ethics that have the made Hambleton Handyman the success story it is today.


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