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WE THANK YOU VETERANS! – Franchise Brands



Thank you for your service and sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty! 

We have so much to be thankful for and may we all be mindful of that on a daily basis. Today is an opportunity to thank those who have served our country with incredible honor, valor and commitment! My hope is that it’s not only today, that we will all be cognizant and extend our gratitude in large and small ways to our veterans. But also, to go out of our way to thank and honor those we see in uniform, passing on the street, at a gas station, in the airport, at work, everywhere, everyday! When you see the uniform, a hat, bumper sticker, a caravan…honk, wave, extend a handshake, a verbal “thank you”, go out of your way to engage in conversation! Seek out ways that you can help serve those who do and have served our country. Encouraging words to military far from home by letter or email, care packages sent to those who may not have family, all the way to programs helping those transition back to civilian life, job services, Vet pet organizations, PTSD awareness, the list goes on. I’m just encouraging us to help serve those who have and do serve.

So please realize no matter what, you have a choice this moment to be grateful for the opportunities afforded to you in this amazing, free, United States of America. May you thank someone that really paid for that freedom with their service!

To all veterans, our active military and their families that also sacrifice and support them…we cannot begin to thank you enough! God Bless you and our free nation you so humbly defend! 

We’d like to take a moment to recognize these services and platforms that help people give back to our veterans and show the people who fight for our freedom that we appreciate and respect what they have and continue to do for us.  Whatever channel connects with you and helps you feel a connection to our veterans, find some way to give back and contribute to those who serve in our military.     











In addition, Franchise Marketing Systems has pulled together some franchise brands who are finding ways to give back to veterans through the franchise industry.  

EventPrep Franchise – a Franchise owned by Veterans, For Veterans offers a Military Discount – www.EventPrepFranchise.com

Magic Bubbles – a Franchise offered to Veterans with a Military Discount – http://magicbubblesfranchise.com/ 

Mobility City Franchise – a Franchise tailor made for Veterans – http://www.mobilitycityfranchise.com

Service 1st RV Repair Franchise – a Mobile Franchise Model with a Military Discount – http://www.Service1stFranchise.com

FLOATspa Franchise – a Float Therapy Franchise – http://floatspausfranchise.com


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  • Ricky Walton
    November 27, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    Veterans make some of the best franchisees. Franchisors in every market and every industry should be doing anything possible to help veterans in getting into business and joining their franchise system. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s the smart business decision for any franchise company.

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