Le Bouquet – A Happy Customer Review

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Le Bouquet – A Happy Customer Review

Beyond the exquisite floral arrangements, the professional florists at Le Bouquet Fleurs have a wide range of other skills that helps the brand thrive in the floral business world. From ordering to exceptional customer service, you can expect to find a talented team of artists ready to meet and exceed your design specifications. Having been in the industry for many years, Le Bouquet is unlike your ordinary flower business.  The business was founded by two incredible women, Ana and Alana, from their garage making this company a brand you will want to support.  

The customer approach helps them address your specific needs, ensuring the final result is worth the cost. If you have an event coming up or flowers for a special occasion, you can never go wrong with Le Bouquet. Some traits make them the best floral business in the industry.

Creativity, Customization and Unique Floral Experiences

A florist must have a quick eye for color, balance, and harmony to delight every customer and thrive in one of the most competitive industries. The unique arrangements are stunning and portray the amount of creativity that has gone into the design. Every floral arrangement conveys tone and emotion through perfectly cut flowers, a skill that brings a genuine love of art in every order. This is a helpful skill in attracting the attention of your beautiful designs and keeping the business running for a long time without burning out. Le Bouquet shows the love of the creative aspect, transforming the floral business into a passion.

People Skills and a Florist Focused on Relationships 

Even though Le Bouquet works with plants, most other work deals with people. When you walk into their flower outlet, they counsel and advice you on different designs and flower selections that will serve your needs the best. They work with you to ensure the final design aligns with your preferences and build trust for future business transactions. Every member of Le Bouquet has top-notch people skills and engages you throughout the process, making you feel comfortable and appreciated.

Customer Service Excellence

The goal of every floral business is to make breath-taking arrangements that thrill the customers. A large part involves great customer service, which entails going the extra mile for your clients and doing it with a smile. Treating your clients respectfully and putting their needs ahead of yours is an excellent way of creating repeat business. When you reach out to Le Bouquet for floral designs, they will follow up, address any issues, and ensure they do right by you. They believe in a customer approach, which ensures your needs are met with the utmost professionalism.

Accountability and Consistency

A large part of a flower business is ordering and caring for the inventory to fulfill the orders. This may involve ordering the flowers wholesale, arranging them, and providing the care they need to thrive. In addition, you need to keep track of healthy plants, handle orders, and get your designs where they need to be. This requires exceptional logistic skills and keeping up with vital business details to ensure operations run smoothly. While you don’t necessarily need to be neurotically organized, the experts at Le Bouquet have top-notch skills when it comes to detail.


The best advantage of boutique floral companies like Le Bouquet is the ability to enter into a long-term relationship with owners who care deeply about your experience.  Ana and Alana have developed long-term relationships with hotels, restaurants, and businesses to deliver reoccurring or unique arrangements. Whether the contacts are weekly, monthly, or annually, keeping the customer interested in the designs is required. Le Bouquet has built strong networks and relationships that have catapulted the business to the industry’s top.

On-Time Flower Delivery

Le Bouquet understands the importance of on-time delivery and the customer’s value to the business. Whether you are preparing an event or just adding aesthetic appeal to your home, specific aspects need to be considered. If you take on everything alone, you risk compromising the event or delivering the flowers later than expected. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you entrust the professionals at Le Bouquet to deliver your order to the event or your home, you are guaranteed it will arrive on time.

Lastly, Quality is another crucial aspect of any flower business, especially during events; you need to be sure the flowers are healthy and appealing. A reputable floral store like Le Bouquet goes out of its way to provide the freshest and most appealing arrangements suited for your needs. When it comes to Quality, they will ensure you don’t settle for less. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy quality designs that exceed your expectations.

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