Premier RN Geriatric Care – Happy Customer Review

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Premier RN Geriatric Care – Happy Customer Review

The increasing volume of people getting older and needing specialized care is not just a challenge for healthcare providers, policymakers, and national governments but also for anyone with an elderly loved one or family member in their lives and anyone lucky enough to grow old. That’s why Premier RN Geriatric Care is dedicated to helping older adults remain in good health and transforming the perception of senior care one client at a time. While medication and treatment are effective techniques in elderly care, it is vital to ensure loved ones age independently, comfortably, and vibrantly.

When you need a team of professionals to help you provide quality senior care services, it is crucial to work with experts who put the client first. Premier RN Geriatric Care works closely with clients to understand their needs and customize a care plan that exceeds their expectations. Let’s look at why Premier RN Geriatric Care is the leading senior care service in the country.

Person-Centric Care Protocol Established by Premier RN Geriatric Care

Senior care is not just about addressing medical and treatment needs. The last thing any person wants is to feel like a patient in their golden years, and Premier RN Geriatric Care understands this by taking a different approach. They have adopted a person-centric strategy that helps them focus more on the human aspect rather than the illness-specific or patient-centric approach usually found in most senior care facilities.

In reality, a senior person needs more than just medical support, and Premier RN Geriatric Care creates a care plan that puts the elderly at the center. This effectively ensures the client’s specific needs are met, allowing the client to retain control of their life.

Regular Monitoring of Vital Signs & Reporting back to the Family

Senior citizens are often burdened with health and other issues associated with age. These issues can become more pronounced without proper care, which entails regular monitoring of vital signs to identify any early distress. The senior care plan includes checking and recording blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and temperature. If the client suffers from any debilitating illness, the care plan is adjusted to add factors like pain and symptoms that can be measured using the VAS or NRS scale.

Healthcare professionals review the records daily as part of the care protocol, allowing them to detect early signs of deterioration in health. Incorporating doctor-driven senior care guarantee daily oversight of vital signs by a professional physician, which is a more proactive approach to attaining overall wellness.

Availability of Healthcare Professionals and Qualified Senior Care Staff

Although senior care has revolutionized to a more patient-centred approach, it is always essential to work with a doctor. Whether the family takes their loved one to the nearby clinic or makes a house call in case of medical needs, a lot of time is wasted which results in great inconvenience. Premier RN Geriatric Care takes a more collaborative approach where a caring doctor is assigned to each client.

The assigned physician is available online and offline in case of emergencies and also oversees the care protocol making adjustments where necessary. If the client has undergone specialist treatment for any illness, the doctor collaborates with the specialist to extend follow-up care at home.

Nursing Interventions at Home and in a Comfortable Environment

Interventions cover a wide range of services, such as titrating medication based on changes in overall health, lab tests, and addressing symptoms to provide relief. Travelling to a healthcare facility for these things can be exhausting for the elderly. Premier RN Geriatric Care brings the services to your home by sending trained staff for clinical interventions and symptom relief. Doctors monitor drug dosages and adjust them based on their needs.

The experts at Premier RN Geriatric Care arrange for the collection of lab samples in the comfort of your home and also provide trained assistants to help with nursing needs. Every care plan is customized to make everything as comfortable as possible for the senior person.

Coordination of Clinical Services

Older adults have a unique set of requirements depending on their health. In addition to medication administration and doctor consultation, other supplies like adult diapers, wheelchairs, or oxygen concentrators at home are needed. The client may require ambulance services to rush them to the nearest healthcare facility during an emergency. All these things must be coordinated regularly, which can be challenging for the family.

Premier RN Geriatric Care coordinates these different services by creating a senior care plan where a care manager is assigned to aid the family. The care manager’s job is to coordinate the services needed by the senior throughout the duration of the care period.

These are some reasons Premier RN Geriatric Care is the leading senior care service in the country and the ideal place for your older loved ones and friends. The care provided ensures every client’s needs are met as you age with dignity.

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