No-H2O Service, An Incredible Experience.

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No-H2O Service, An Incredible Experience.

Exceptional Products and Service of No-H2O

No-H2O main headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland. This brand was established in 2007 by founder Emmet O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien has a successful background in the Automotive industry as a professional race car driver for BMW and the VW Group. Mr. O’Brien competed in the World and European Touring Car Championship. He was also a race car driver in the European GT3 championship for Ferrari. Board members of No-H2O include Irish, Danish, and American citizens.

No-H2O – The Waterless Solution to Car Washing

No-H2O is an excellent alternative to conventional car washing and uses no water. This waterless solution saves an incredible amount of water when compared to a traditional drive-through car wash. The No-H2O product contains a positive charge while the microfiber cloth used contains a negative charge allowing the easy removal of dirt and grime. After the removal of dirt, this amazing product leaves behind a shiny polished finish unrivaled by other similar car wash products.

There is no need to pull out hoses, buckets, or sponges with these amazing care-cleaning products. Regardless of how much dirt and grime needs to be removed, from light to heavy, No-H2O offers a scratch-free solution for car and motorcycle owners. These products can be used on the vehicles interior, exterior, tires, and windows to ensure a spotless polished finish.

One of greatest benefits of using No-H2O to wash and detail a car is the length of time it lasts. When compared to a car washed with water, a car washed by using waterless No-H2O products last twice as long. This is due to the ingredients contained in No-H2O car care products that have the ability to repel dirt longer than any other products available on the market today. Customer retention rate of this exceptional product over 90%.

Fast Professional Service People Can Count On

Those who are considering a do-it-yourself clean, you can purchase No-H2O products from various locations. Car care products include:

  • Carwash in A Box
  • No-Water
  • Bug Remover
  • Classic Car Waterless Show Shine
  • Wheel Kleen
  • Soft Top Kleen
  • Glass Kleen
  • Interior Kleen
  • Leather Kleen
  • Bikewash in A Box
  • Motorbike Bug & Wheel Kleen
  • Motorbike Wash & Polish
  • Green Microfiber Cloth
  • 20 Box Green Microfiber Cloths
  • Pro Detailer Kit

However, for those who would rather leave the dirty work to somebody else, No-H2O professionals gladly come to your location or stop by at one of the many locations for a superior cleaning. Enjoy a no mess car wash anytime, anywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

Environmentally Friendly Products

No-H2O is proud to be a green tech company. In addition to saving more than 35 gallons of water, No-H2O has advantages to the environment. Due to No-H2O being a waterless solution, there are no dangerous chemicals flowing into the drainage system, unlike with traditional car washes where the environment suffers from the damaging effects of their chemicals.

No-H2O strives to provide their customers with exceptional service and products each and every time. Customers keep coming back because they trust in this environmentally-friendly brand.  No-H2O is launching a U.S. version of the waterless car washing franchise which is going live this year with the support of Franchise Marketing Systems.  For more information on the concept and service offerings in markets near you, visit the corporate site:

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