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Great Skin Spa Skin Care

Great Service and Treatment from Great Skin Care Spa

Great Skin Spa Skin Care and Facial Club is a full-service day spa that applies cutting-edge technology to provide an extensive range of beauty services and products. The spa focuses on tailored treatments for people looking to address issues such as wrinkles, scars, acne, hair removal and aging skin. The services are based on cutting-edge procedures that have been scientifically proven to be effective in providing the best solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Incredible Results

Based on the operating slogan of Renew, Relax, and Rewind the Great Skin spa also aims to provide the best atmosphere for those who are looking for the highest quality beauty treatments. The staff is friendly and takes each client’s case individually. You will be required to fill some paperwork before your appointment. Questions will be asked regarding your skin, health, and the food you eat.

Using this information a profile can be built for you so that a tailored regimen can be formulated. The regimen will include treatments you will receive from the spa as well as other recommendations that will be made to ensure that you are taking care of your skin on a regular basis. The owner, Brenda, often recommends treatments you can do at home to complement the regular monthly visits. She will also diagnose your skin care problems and recommend foods you can choose to help address the issue conclusively.

Skin Treatments which Work and offer Value

One of the unique things that has made Great Skin Spa Skin Care and Facial Club popular is the non-intrusive treatments that have no downtime. Not only are these treatments affordable but they are easy to take as you continue with your day to day activities. Some of the treatments that have proven popular with clients are:

Ultrasound Non-Surgical Facelift: This ultrasound technology is used to tighten loose skin and give your face a youthful appearance. The ultrasound technology uses specific wavelengths of sound to map out areas just below the skin where there is need to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage the production of elastin. Elastin and collagen are stimulated using heat and both work together to encourage the connective tissue to regain their strength and shape. The procedure typically takes 50 minutes, is FDA approved and has no downtime.

White Light Therapy: This is another cutting-edge technology that uses LED lights to stimulate collagen and promote the tightening of the skin and the underlying connective tissue. Using specific wavelengths the light targets the underlying layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and encourage the formation of elastin both of which help to strengthen connective tissues and the result is a firmer younger looking skin after a few sessions.

Makeovers for Special Occasions

Great Skin Spa Skin Care and Facial Club also provides makeovers for weddings, proms, parties and other events. The procedures start at about $50 and include a facial and a makeover based on your desired look.  For those with acne, various treatments are available at the spa at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the quality of treatment is without a doubt high.


For more information on Great Skin, visit the corporate site for additional information on the wide range of beauty services, products and incredible value offered to clients:

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