Poke Burri: The Top Poke Restaurant in Atlanta

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Poke Burri: The Top Poke Restaurant in Atlanta

Poke Burri: The Top Poke Restaurant in Atlanta

Poke Burri is a restaurant based in Georgia whose menu items are based on Poke – a Hawaiian raw fish salad. The restaurant was founded by Seven Chang and Ken Yu, who wanted to provide a healthy dining experience with dishes that are based around the poke.

The restaurant was started with three main objectives; to provide quality stand-alone customer service and fresh healthy food to its customers. Since the restaurant opened it has been popular with patrons and has had good reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, amongst other platforms online.

A Brand that Means Something. 

The restaurant is located in East Atlanta Village within the We Suki Suki food court. It is essentially a hall with many brands and small kiosk operations out of a single location. One of the aspects to the Poke Burri brand and offering that makes this so incredible is the quality of the experience you have when eating with Poke Burri.  Yes, the product is insanely good.  Yes, the brand is cool and has this sort of “cockiness” to it and Yes, the owners, Seven and Ken are incredibly cool and seem to have an edge you just can’t put a finger on.  The food is just damn good and I’ve told so many of my friends about this place who have had the same response. 

Why is the Poke Burri Product So Good?

Poke Burri stays true to its commitment to provide fresh food with great flavor. It is one of the most popular places in Atlanta if you want to grab sushi donuts, different styles of poke bowls and sushi burritos.

One the menu you can try one of the starters such as the ginger salad which goes for only $3. The ginger salad is made up of fresh lettuce, cabbage, carrot and ginger dressing. The spicy tuna nacho goes for $6.50 and contains spicy mayo, wonton nacho, and avocado.

The main items on the menu are poke bowls and burricho rolls. The Super Poke Bowl is a sizeable serving of delicious tuna, with salmon, seaweed, radish, avocado, and pickled ginger. The Super Poke Bowl goes for a reasonable $15. Spicy Tuna $11 is another great pick from Poke Burri and has spicy tuna, lettuce, cabbages, avocado, fried onions and pickled ginger.

Under the Burrito Rolls of the menu, the most popular items are the E.A.V Special and the Naked Salmon. The E.A.V special is made up of shrimp tempura, crab salad, spring mix, carrot cucumber and eel sauce. The items under burrito rolls are essentially poke with a seaweed wrap.

The sushi donut is another popular item that has great taste and flavor. It is a round bed of ice with sushi poured on top. The sushi donut is part of the restaurant’s box secret menu. The box secret menu also features items such as crab croquettes, sushi sandwiches, and corndogs.

Poke Burri is a great place to go with friends who are picky eaters as they can choose from the menu or make their own dishes. You can always find free parking nearby even during lunch and dinner. The restaurant is only two years old and has already been touted as one of the best poke places in all of Atlanta.


For more information on Poke Burri, visit the corporate site:  https://www.pokeburri.com

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