Bolt’s Escape Rooms Franchise Offers a Different Kind of Entertainment

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Bolt’s Escape Rooms Franchise Offers a Different Kind of Entertainment


Bolt’s Escape Rooms Franchise Offers a Different Kind of Entertainment

Escape rooms are popping up left and right for a good reason. People with their friends are so drawn into the prospect of the challenge and they are more than willing to take the puzzles on. Here are the reasons why escape rooms have grown so much in terms of popularity.  Who knew that getting locked into a room and having to figure your way out could be so much fun!?!  Just kidding….no locked doors, only a game. 

Entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

When people want to be entertained, they usually watch movies, play games on their gadgets, play board or video games, etc. But how many of those activities actually delivered you unique yet very entertaining experience? Escape rooms can give a whole new experience to every player. It allows every player to decode mind-boggling puzzles as they run against time, giving them more adrenaline rush than any other activity.

Physical and Mentally Stimulating.

Escape room is a physical entertainment experience where you and your friends or family are locked in a themed room and you would need to solve challenging puzzles and find clues as you race with a set time to break out of the room. Such way to play a game would make a good way to bond with your family and friends as it makes you think outside of the box and solve challenges altogether. Overcoming difficulties with your loved ones make a good factor in creating unique and worth-remembering times with them as well. On top of that, it increases your communication skills and social ability. 

Individual and Corporate Fun. 

Apart from your friends and family, you can also try to experience escape rooms with your co-workers and even with strangers. Being in an escape room gives you no choice but to work with other people in the room in order to find the key and break out. In turn, you will end up getting to know your team members all the more. And since playing escape room games increases a person’s ability to communicate and socialize by giving lots of engagement opportunities, it is also one of the best methods for corporate team buildings that most company owners consider to bring their employees together, make them get to know each other better, and build bridges.

Every escape room has different puzzles and mysteries to solve. Each room also has distinct themes and is completely immersive. Some attractions offer cartoon, toy, fantasy, or even anime-themed rooms. There are also horror, modern era, office, or laboratory-themed rooms. That being said, you will able to find the right room for you and your family, your friends, or even co-workers.

There are many ways to have yourself entertained. Even so, if you are already bored with the same old activities that you have already tried for hundreds of time, you should consider trying escape rooms such as Bolt’s Escape Rooms. Their narratives and intriguing puzzles are one of a kind that would really test your wits and intuition. Their rooms are also well-themed that it would make you feel like you’re really a part of a video game, which would really give you a whole new game experience at a very affordable price.


For information on the services at Bolt and the locations, visit the corporate site:

Bolt is now offering franchises to bring escape room franchise fun to more markets.  For information on the business model and franchise offering, visit the franchise site here:

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