Moravia Health: Health Services at Home Provided by In-House Staff

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Moravia Health: Health Services at Home Provided by In-House Staff


Moravia Health: Health Services at Home Provided by In-House Staff

Moravia Health is a home care service for the elderly that is tailored to fit individual needs. With the number of senior citizens growing every year, Moravia Health seeks to provide quality care that is safe, caring, and affordable to seniors who need it.  What is incredible about the Moravia model is that they are able to leverage government programs that pay the caregiver of the patient’s choosing, this means that brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or other family members are able to be compensated for taking care of other family members.  Incredible.   

The services are provided from the convenience of the patient’s home. The company has qualified, compassionate and attentive staff who are trained to provide the highest level of care for patients. Some of the professionals at Moravia Include registered nurse, vocational nurse, certified home aide, and social medical workers. Moravia Health staff provide care to seniors in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

Services that work Delivered by People Who Care. 

Medical Social Services

Medical social workers serve as a bridge between the patient and medical care. They can counsel patients on medical procedures and provide important information on specific medical issues. They are useful to medical personnel since they provide concise case management that explains the health problems the individual receiving care is going through.

Medical social workers also play the role of providing emotional and psychological support for the patient and his family. Through counseling, the social worker can help the family make important decisions regarding the care of the patient. They can also help families to choose the most affordable healthcare options available.

Moravia Medical social workers play an important role in communities within the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. These workers are part of an interdisciplinary network that corroborates with other professionals such as doctors and nurses to coordinate and provide the highest level of care for the patient. They provide health education to patients and their families to ensure the transition from a health facility is smooth. Additionally, the role of the medical social worker helps to empower the family emotionally and psychologically.

Home Health Aide

Moravia Health has certified home health aides that assist the elderly and disabled. They assist in tasks such as medication reminders, removing and replacing bandages, assisting with bathing, light household tasks, incontinent care, etc. Home health aides are trained to care with compassion and can provide much-needed companionship. Home health aides from Moravia are part of the company’s staff who are certified, insured, bonded and thoroughly background checked.

Organization’s Philosophy

The organization’s philosophy is to provide the highest level of care for seniors. The aim is to ensure that patient’s get the same level of professional and compassionate care as they would from loving family members.

Each patient has care tailored to their needs. The process starts with an evaluation to help the patient and family pinpoint the issue and work towards a solution. The family’s needs are factored during the evaluation. The homecare services are available 24 hours a day. Moravia Health will maintain the communication lines to monitor the patient.

Moravia Health care services are tailored for the individuals’ and the families’ needs to empower the elderly and disabled maintain their independence and dignity. In addition to being Medicaid certified, bonded and insured, Moravia Health is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


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