Quick Ship Delivery Service – A Shipping Service You Can Count On

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Quick Ship Delivery Service – A Shipping Service You Can Count On


Quick Ship Delivery Service – A Shipping Service You Can Count On.

Quick Ship Delivery is a professional courier service founded by Caleb Hawkins and Micah Middleton. The founders saw a need for a professional delivery service that had differentiated products to cater for varying client needs. The success of Quick Ship Delivery is proof of the viability of the business model.

The courier company can provide secure delivery services for your documents and files, as well as safe delivery for your high-value items. The company has professional systems and staff that are capable of taking logistics from your hands to allow you to focus on your core business.

The growth of E-commerce in the last decade has had an impact on the delivery service business. Customers have higher expectations and expect the goods to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe and without excuses. So far Quick Ship Delivery has helped clients deliver a wide range of packages such as medical supplies, car and machinery parts, landscaping and paint products, amongst others.

Delivery Services Options

Quick Ship is based in Columbus, Ohio and serves major cities and suburbs including Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The company also offers the following delivery options:

  • Retail Delivery: Deliver small packages to your customers. This gives your customer the value of a dedicated delivery service.
  • Warehousing Delivery: Do you need to move a significant amount of cargo to a new location? Quick Ship can help you transfer the logistical headache of storage, clearing, forwarding, and transportation to its highly qualified and dedicated staff. The company has large trucks, pickup trucks and vans that can deliver different types of packages.
  • Same day Delivery: Quick Ship provides same delivery for its small packages and pickup services.
  • Scheduling: Deliver products to your clients using a dedicated vehicle that assures them of the time of arrival and gives them peace of mind.

Types of Delivery

  • Small Packages: Small packages services involve those packages that can be conveniently transported in a van. The main focus for this type of service is security and logistics. The vehicles are fitted with climate control equipment for when you need to deliver sensitive packages. Quick Ship can deliver medical supplies, payroll, court documents and many more. The rates start at $20. The options available include scheduling, warehousing, retail, and same day delivery.
  • Pickup Trucks: This is ideal if you need to transport medium-sized packages and equipment. This may include paint products, landscaping materials, and equipment, amongst others. This service costs $35 per delivery. It includes retail, warehousing, same day and scheduling delivery options.
  • Large Trucks: This is a service that uses an enclosed trailer to transport packages and is perfect for large items and equipment. The service starts at $99 per delivery. It is ideal for when you need to move your home or office to a new location. There is a long distance service option in case you need to move across cities.

Quick Ship’s success comes from its capacity to deliver value to customers through its differentiated services and professional staff.  For more information on how Quick Ship works and the new shipping franchise platform available through the brand, visit the corporate site:


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