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Green District Gourmet Salad Shop

Green District Gourmet Salad Shop

Green District Salad is a gourmet salad shop with a difference. Salad dishes are the main course and not just a side dish. All the salads are prepared with freshly chopped ingredients.

The first location was opened in St Mathews, in Louisville, Kentucky. The business was founded by four friends who used to coach and play soccer together. One of the owners had owned a salad shop in the area and the experience helped develop Green District Salad into a successful Gourmet Salad Shop in St Mathews.

A Menu that Leaves a Positive Impact

Green District has 11 signature salads. The salads are made from a variety of freshly chopped ingredients. Most of the signature salads have a price ranging from between $6 and $9.99. You can have the salad stuffed into a wrap with more than 50 ingredients to choose from.

The salad restaurant and eatery aims to provide clients with an opportunity to build their own salads or choose from the signature salad selection on the menu.  You can choose your base and add additional toppings. Your salad will be prepared as you watch.

You can start with a base of vegetables and then add toppings. The first four toppings are free and after that, each additional topping goes for 49 cents. The base may include Quinoa, Spinach, Kale, Iceberg, Romaine, amongst others. There are many choices available for toppings and that includes items such as black pepper, cucumber, and green onions.

Salad options also include proteins and dressings to build your own mix of fresh ingredients.  For proteins the options you have include ham, steak, chicken, shrimp, and bacon. Under additional veggies, the options are artichokes, asparagus, and avocado. Green District also has more than 10 choices for dressings which include Lite ranch, Lebanese, Thai ginger, Greek feta, blue cheese and many more.

One of the most popular signature salads is the Thai One On which goes for between $8.49 and $8.99. The salad comes with the options of chicken or shrimp with green onions, carrots, edamame, cucumber, and red cabbage as the toppings. Suggested greens and dressings are icebergs, romaine, and Thai ginger. Tequila Mocking Bird is another signature salad that has proven to be popular with the patrons. It is a mix of shrimp, feta cheese, red and green peppers, black beans, and tortilla strip toppings. Just like the Thai One On you can have them with iceberg or romaine for greens.

An Excellent Service and Strong Product Offering

The interior is classy, visually appealing and with a minimalist design. The entire area of the eatery is small but it is well organized and has significant seating space for a restaurant of its size. You can sit here and wait for your order. Meanwhile, the salad will be chopped from freshly prepared ingredients as you wait. You can choose between the 11 signature salads on the menu, or build your own with the base, greens, proteins, cheese amongst other exciting options. You can also order online and have it delivered home. Green District has generated a lot of buzz in St. Mathews since it started for being the only eatery that provides salads with fresh ingredients as the main course.


Green District recently launched a franchise platform to grow and duplicate the salad goodness they’ve created nationwide….so who knows, maybe the Green District will show up in a market near you!


For more information on the Green District Salad Offerings and incredible brand, visit the corporate site:



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