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RC Evans Institute is a sales and management training institute that was founded on the basis of helping businesses succeed and better themselves, ultimately taking them to the next level, by providing sales and management training. RC Evans was started by Robert C. Evans, who has trained at least 180 of Fortune 500 companies in the past 40 years he has been in the business. Mr. Evans believes that the success of the training institute is all possible through the unique methods and techniques used during training. The institute utilizes a business to business model (b2b) to train staff and employees of various companies in a myriad of ways. The b2b method has been proven effective time and time again, and many businesses will praise the program, contributing it to their ongoing and continued success in their field.


Proven Sales Training and Support

RC Evans Institute offers training to businesses in many different areas, including by not limited to:

  • Furniture Retailers
  • Banking
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Software
  • Insurance
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • And many others!

We offer three main areas in our institute, which are training, coaching, and consulting. The b2b model utilizes the training program to help sales staff learn more effective skills that will ultimately boost sales and the overall success of the company. RC Evans Institute offers training for sales staff that allows them to become more aware of personality types and how to read them, better ways of communicating with clients and potential clients, team building strategies, strategies for closing sales, and linguistic programming, plus so much more. Robert always follows up with the employees enrolled in the training, once completed, to encourage them and offer ongoing support.

As with any great company, RC Evans is looking to expand by offering franchise opportunities to those who are interested in helping other businesses succeed. In order to qualify for a franchise with RC Evans, you simply need a desire to help others, along with some of the following attributes: significant experience in sales and customer service, excellent service and presentation skills, time management is a must as well as being able to successfully juggle your schedule and commitments, high personal standards, excellent client relationships and communication skills. It is always a plus if you have additional experience as a business owner or manager with experience in the industry.

A History of Success in Sales Training

Should you decide to franchise with RC Evans, you will receive continual training and ongoing support. You will be required to attend two weeks of initial training, which is held at the RC Evans Institute in Georgetown, TX in the four weeks prior to the franchise opening. This training will consist of support for marketing, operational, purchasing, accounting, and legal support, as well as ongoing research and developmental information. You will then be given a few days of onsite training at your location to help with opening tasks, and then a refresher training twice a year at the headquarters in Georgetown. Throughout your time with the franchise, you will receive ongoing support in whatever area you might need assistance.

If you can see the quality and positive role that RC Evans Institute has with making other businesses successful and taking them to the next level, join the team and the excitement!


RC Evans Institute is offering a professional grade, proven sales and management training franchise system to qualified franchisees in markets around the U.S. and Canada.  Qualified candidates will have the opportunity to leverage 30 plus years of track record and proven systems. 


For more information on the RC Evans Institute Franchise model, visit the franchise page here:



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