South Beach Boxing: Changing the Way We Do Fitness

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South Beach Boxing: Changing the Way We Do Fitness


South Beach Boxing: Changing the Way We Do Fitness

If you are like most people, it can be difficult to find a workout routine that you can truly stick with. Most individuals go through a myriad of exercise programs and workout routines before finding on that they can really commit to long enough to see results. If you are searching for that perfect workout, then South Beach Boxing is for you. It’s no secret that boxers are in great shape. Maybe you have never considered boxing because you picture everyone who does it to be in perfect shape. However, boxing is for everyone! And it is an exercise that can whip anyone into shape with a little hard work and dedication.

South Beach Boxing was founded by Jolie Glassman 20 years ago. Since 1998, Jolie has been running the gym at the South Beach location and helping others to transform their bodies and lives. She incorporates the training and exercises that professional boxers utilize every day, and she turns them into heart-pumping workouts that really provide results. This method is a complete, total body workout that combines high-intensity interval training with strength and aerobic exercises for the perfect combination of shedding fat and getting lean. Boxing also helps to increase your cardiovascular fitness, which is good for heart health as well.

What You Can Expect:  Results

At South Beach Boxing, you get a variety of workouts to choose from so that you can find the one, or several, workout that fits you the best! We also offer all of our customers an initial assessment to determine what level of fitness you are at and set up goals that you would like to accomplish and are attainable. With that information, we can guide you through a program that can get you the best results based on your fitness level and aspirations. South Beach Boxing offers several classes and workout opportunities.

Their classes include boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai, boot camp/cross training, weight training, personal training, and boxing/sparring for those looking for a contact class. Each class is an intense, 60-minute class that works your entire body through techniques such as plyometrics, power, resistance, strength, explosive, and interval training. Classes are offered every day at a different time and there are levels from beginner to advanced, so everyone can feel comfortable at their own pace and level.

At South Beach Boxing, the teachers and trainers work with you to guide you along the way, so you don’t feel alone or overwhelmed. We want you to enjoy your time in our gym and get the workout you deserve, without feeling intimidated or out of place. We also offer classes for children ages 7-14 that teach anti-bullying methods, as we know this is an unfortunate reality for many children today.

If you are ready to start the journey to getting healthy, fit, and active, let South Beach Boxing be your gym! You will quickly find that boxing is not only one of the quickest ways to get in shape and stay that way, but it is also one of the most fun workouts you will have ever tried! We know you will be hooked!


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