Richard’s Painting – Great Quality Service….Finally from a Painter.

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Richard’s Painting – Great Quality Service….Finally from a Painter.

Why You Should Seek Contractors Offering Quality-Focused Painting Services 

Repair and painting services are not only intended to improve the appearance of a building but also create value in the property and long term asset appreciation. Homeowners choose to paint their homes in order to add value, when they hire a painter, typically it shortens their life span due to stress and incredibly unprofessional service offerings.   Richards Painting set out to change this experience and bring a quality of service traditionally not heard of in this market segment to the painting market. Your home improvement project can only be done the right way if you hire quality-focused painting services. Having said that, what benefits do you get when you contract a painting service that focuses on quality?


Painting and Repair at a Reduced Cost with Incredible Quality. 

Painting and repairing a home or commercial building can take a large chunk of your money. Unless you have a painting service company that understands your needs and financial strains, you may not get the services you need or the quality of work you deserve. A painting and repair company that has been offering services for over 15 years knows the challenges homeowners go through when they want to have home improvement projects like home repainting, dry wall installation, and repair, interior plastering, deck staining, pressure washing, fence repair and installation, or exterior home cleaning. 


People who Respect Your Time and Are Accountable.   

When you have painting professionals who focus on quality, you know that your home repair and painting project will be done to your satisfaction. Many complaints that are associated with painting projects involve the use of poor quality paint products, improperly done painting that begins to peel off or wear out a couple of months later, or an overly priced painting project that leaves the homeowner financially drained.  A painting company that has the interest of the homeowner at heart ensures that the projects are handled professionally and by the best people in the industry, It also provides reasonably priced quotes for the projects.  What makes the Richard’s painting system work so effectively is strong operating systems and a model that produces consistent results for the customer.   


Increased Home Value and High-Quality Work Product

Homeowners will paint their houses when they plan to sell them so that they look impressive in the eyes of buyers.  If you cannot grab the attention of a home buyer, then you are losing a lot on your home’s listing for sale.  The little touch-upsand repairs you do go a long way in creating a new, revamped appearance of the home. This helps potential buyers choose your home over similar ones because it looks neat and properly maintained. Painting contractors that provide quality services will ensure that your home’s value increases substantially. You will have a bargaining power when you finally list the home for sale. It will sell fast and at a higher price than it could if it wasn’t painted properly. 


Richard’s Painting scooped the award of the best painting service within Rowan County for the period 2016 and 2017. This is an indication that the painting contractor serves customers to their needs.  The painting company currently provides services to North and South Carolina, but is expanding the service model into new markets through a franchise system.  They use quality products that won’t wear out soon meaning that you won’t be needing to repair or repaint your home or commercial building any soon.  With a competent team of professional painters and repairers, the company strives to provide cost-effective painting and repair services to its customers.  The contractors can advise you on the best and new products in the painting industry that saves you money and improves the look of your home. 

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  • William Thompson
    August 1, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Richard’s Painting is a strong business model and has an excellent market position. They are able to sell at a premium price in a very competitive industry. Great leadership team.

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