Value of The Senior-Focused Fitness Offering

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Value of The Senior-Focused Fitness Offering

Value of The Senior-Focused Fitness Offering

As you age, you understand that maintaining an active lifestyle is not only about being healthy; it’s also about preserving your well-being, quality of life, and independence. At age 55 and above, you’re more likely to be particular about where you exercise. In addition, you most probably wish to work with people who understand your needs and wants and are thrilled to see you. 

Fortunately, 55 PLUS the perfect center, equipment, and programs for an older crowd. 55 PLUS offers adults aged 55 years and above state-of-the-art gym equipment and fitness classes to make it easy for seniors to stay healthy and fit. The classes are designed to allow you to push yourself or dial back the intensity when required. 55 is a great place to meet new friends as you keep fit in a friendly, upbeat, and relaxed atmosphere.

The modern equipment at the fitness center is suitable for the older demographic and includes recumbent bikes, weight machines, ergometer, treadmills, free weights, and elliptical machines. The programming at the 55 PLUS is designed with the seniors in mind and include a variety of classes like balance training. 

Trainers and instructors have expertise in training and working with this demographic. Not only does specialized background and training give the staff at 55PLUS unique insight and knowledge into senior fitness, but their support and enthusiasm are also motivating. 

55PLUS has an allure that goes beyond exercising. From working out with your peers to great music geared for seniors, this makes the atmosphere of the fitness center more comfortable and inviting; a factor that will keep you coming back for more. 

The CDC reports that by the time individuals are 75, about 1 in every 2 women and 1 in every 3 men don’t engage in physical exercises. One of the factors that heavily contributes to reduced stamina and strength in the older population is decreased physical activity. Although seniors may not do the same exercises in their 50s, 60s, and beyond that, as they did in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, exercising is more important for seniors than other age groups. Partly because it’s recommended that the older population exercises no less than 6 days per week. They should be active for a variety of reasons such as: 

·      Cardiovascular Health

Regular exercise lowers the risk of heart disease. It also helps to keep your blood pressure regulated. If you have hypertension, exercising can help lower the blood pressure. 

·      Stronger Immune System

Individuals who exercise regularly recover more easily and faster from surgery, illness, or injury. That’s because, when your body is stronger, it’s better equipped to fight against infections or illness and recuperate effectively.

·      Stronger Bones 

Strength training exercises protect against bone mass loss. This results in lower risk of falling, broken bones, and osteoporosis. 

·      Healthier Joints

Exercising helps to reduce arthritis pain and controls joint swelling. 

·      Emotional Health

Physical exercises reduce symptoms associated with depression, stress, and anxiety. Physical activity increases your feelings of well-being and improves your moods.

55 PLUS offers geriatric health and fitness programs designed around their clients’ individual goals. What’s more, the trainers and instructors will work with you to achieve your goals in a positive and safe environment.

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