RockBox Fitness: Changing the Fitness Market Industry Segment

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RockBox Fitness: Changing the Fitness Market Industry Segment

RockBox Fitness: Changing the Fitness Market Industry Segment

Within the fitness market, there are so many offerings and so much “noise”, it’s hard to differentiate who has a true value and who is just marketing what they do. They want to provide fresh and latest content and something that is going to drive the traffic to their doors, but does the program really deliver?  So many fitness programs and brands come up short when you look at the actual results. 

Many fitness companies are looking at different ways that they can provide value to their clients when they sign up. There is always a big influx of new clients that come into the facilities at the beginning of the year, but after a while, this number slowly drops off and the facility collects membership dues without any clients actually showing up to the gym. 


Why is that fitness programs seem to work this way?

New Year’s Resolutions could be to blame, but if those that signed up are getting the results they wanted and the expectations they expected, then they should be able to stay on and enjoy using the facility, right?  This is where so many are going wrong because their business models are not focusing on their clients at all, or on their employees, or on the facilities. They are focused on target markets and sales goals for the gym, bringing the client sign ups in and making more money – not keeping clients and making sure they are retained for some time. What Rock Box realized early on was that the long term success of the gyms would come from clients seeing actual results from their membership with the locations. 


RockBox is Different from the Rest

RockBox has a different model that makes them stand out from the others in the fitness industry. While they do market and advertise to their audiences to get them to come in and try their services, they also care about their clients and want to see them get results when they use their facilities.  Making money is great, but it is short lived if your business is not able to deliver on what they promise to their clients.  They have a mission to provide franchises to those that want to provide superior services within the fitness industry and are there to lend a hand, provide support and even train those that want to come into the business. They feel confident about being able to provide quality services to clients and the first way to do this is through the use of trained owners, staff and businesses.  Rock Box focuses on a community-oriented platform that keeps members working together as part of a team, all trying to help one another and all keeping each other accountable.  Their costs are affordable, and they understand that providing fitness and wellbeing to clients is something that also needs to be effective. With a strong model that understands clients and focuses on them, while also having an emphasis on providing the right resources for those that own and operate the fitness facilities; they have taken the fitness market by storm.


Time to Try Rock Box

What Rock Box has done for fitness is make it fun, interactive, upbeat and goal oriented.  The typical client of a Rock Box location can be anyone, young, old, fitness newbie and hardcore fitness fanatic.  There is no shape, size or profile for a Rock Box client that isn’t relevant and couldn’t find a home at Rock Box.  We challenge you to visit a Rock Box location to experience the energy, excitement and incredible approach to fitness that is completely new, fresh and innovative.  For more information on the Rock Box fitness franchise, visit the corporate website:

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