Why SportsXpress is a Valuable Franchise for any Community

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Why SportsXpress is a Valuable Franchise for any Community

Why SportsXpress is a Valuable Franchise for any Community

SportsXpress was created with communities in mind. SportsXpress is a multi-media and event services publishing company that was created to bring the community sports lifestyle to communities everywhere. The leadership team for the company realized that community sports are a major part of life for many families and these sports were not receiving the recognition they deserved. Many families spend every weekend escorting their kids to games and practices and many adults also participate in organized sports as well. SportsXpress recognized the need for communities to know more about the sports lifestyle and organizations in their community.


The company publishes stories from real people of all ages and from the very young to the young at heart. With a team of dedicated editors and writers, great sports content is published to create fun and informative stories about local athletes, teams, coaches, families, fans, and volunteers to make keeping up with community sports easier and more accessible. The SportsXpress franchise model offers this concept in a small business setting and has allowed the model to expand to new markets across the U.S. and Canada. 


Benefits of The SportsXpress Service Model

Community sports are happening in cities and towns all across the country and the SportsXpress model saw an opportunity to create more content and a source for people to get more involved in their local sports teams. Some studies have shown that 21.5 million children in the U.S. alone from ages 6-17 play some type of organized sport and 90% of parents who have children in an organized team sport will attend a game at least once per week. Imagine tapping into that market and providing valuable information and recognition on the sports and teams they care about the most.  The market for children’s sports is big and getting bigger every year. 


A Dedicated Reader

Athletes and families that participate in these organized sports are typically very dedicated to their sport and their team and take a personal interest in anything associated with it. Offering a publication that can not only keep them up to date about what to expect from the upcoming sports season, coaching information, special stories on players and families, etc. will appeal to this market on a personal level. The SportsXpress services are unique and one of a kind and the company is well positioned to provide personalized community sports publications to any area.

With the growing demand for youth and highschool athletics, it was clear that there needed to be more focus, more localized dedication to the exposure and talent of community athletics and the SportsXpress model was created to address just this.  If you don’t have a SportsXpress in your area, contact the corporate office to see about getting a location started, it could literally revolutionize the community and sporting experience in your area.    


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