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Avendelle Senior Homes

Welcome to Senior Care and Living at its Finest!

When you’re looking for the perfect senior care facility in Dallas, the name that should resonate with you is Avendelle Senior Homes. They have recently opened up six new properties in the Dallas area and offer the finest in senior care, living, and services. If you’re looking for a sophisticated home for yourself or your loved ones, check out what Avendelle has to offer in the senior care facility in Dallas area.


What to Expect

When you stay at an Avendelle Senior Home, you are getting just that. A home. The buildings and residential areas are called homes because they strive to give you a place you can feel comfortable in and like you never left your previous address. They offer a cozy, comfortable environment where you or your loved ones can feel safe and relaxed. These boutique facilities offer a variety of services in a location that makes it easy to access all of the surrounding businesses and community areas you would possibly need.

Offering that home like feeling, these senior care facilities in Dallas locations provide a private bedroom that you or your aging loved one is free to decorate as you like. Bring your favorite pictures, trinkets, and other items to help bring a taste of home to your new residence. The purpose behind this is that Avendelle strives to avoid the institutionalized feeling and promote a feeling of home, comfort, and relaxation with all their residents.


Boutique Senior Services

You will get the very best care at any of the six new locations in Dallas with the 3:1 ratio for caregivers and residents. This ensures that you have the utmost in top quality care and services no matter what you may need.  Everyone who works at this senior care facility in Dallas knows what it means to keep the perfect balance between privacy and attention needed. If you are in need of care or assistance, the highly trained caregivers are there to assist you. However, everyone on this team understands your need for independence and privacy. It is important that you know the team is here to assist when needed but also that your privacy and dignity are of the utmost importance.



Every one of the senior care facilities in Dallas is set in beautiful and safe neighborhoods to add to the element of home away from home. Each neighborhood is checked for crime statistics and also the convenience of the location before an Avendelle Senior Home is set up there. Not only do they want to give the feeling of being at home instead of an institution, they want the residents and family members to feel safe and secure at all times.


Whether you’re looking for a new home for yourself or your loved one who needs a little more assistance, one of the new Avendelle senior care facilities in Dallas would be the perfect fit. Call or contact them through their website today to see how you can live your life with the independence you want and the assistance you need.


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