Nifty Fifty’s, an Experience to Remember

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Nifty Fifty’s, an Experience to Remember

Nifty Fifty’s, an Experience to Remember

In my travels, I sometimes come across places that leave an impression, a restaurant, a business or something that I just remember above other encounters I have along the way.  One recently was while visiting the Philadelphia area, a quaint “step back in time” restaurant called Nifty Fifty’s.  The company’s founder, Leo McGlynn, opened the doors of Nifty Fifty’s in 1987 with the dream of creating a nostalgic experience for his customers with good food, fun times and great service.  And…it worked, Nifty Fifty’s today still has the same character and passion for the customer, but does so in colossal scale.  That’s just a lot of people eating breakfast in one place every day.  Something about that combination of 50’s experience, good food and people who genuinely care whether you are enjoying yourself, it’s hard to beat.  They have hand-cut fries, freshly grilled burgers, and thick delicious malts and milkshakes which all play their part in solidifying the experience and ultimately pulling customers back for more. The food is really what sets the place apart from other diners or restaurants like this and you can smell the pride everyone takes in providing the very best for the customer.  Food is prepared in an open kitchen so that customers can see firsthand what they are eating being made and fresh of ingredients being used. The meat is ground onsite and hamburgers are grilled right in front of guests.  Foods are handmade and ordered just how you’d like it and making you feel like you took a step back in time to when customer service really mattered.  The menu is so extensive and literally everything I had was beyond delicious.   

Breakfast is what They Are Known For.

The breakfast menu will have you starting your day right and possibly have you eating breakfast items for lunch or dinner. You can choose from breakfast platters that feel and taste like a home cooked breakfast you’re your mom’s house as a kid. From eggs any way you can imagine, to sausage, bacon, pancakes, waffles, and more.  Good cooking and good ingredients make a big difference, you can taste it in every bite. 

Amazing, Literally Amazing Burgers

At Nifty Fifty’s the brand really prides themselves on the burgers – they are clearly the “marquee” item on the menu and are a MUST TRY.  Lots of selections and you can have one prepared any way you choose, just make sure you get a burger.

Fries to Die For.

Who doesn’t like fries with their burger? As with other menu items, the fries are prepared from fresh-cut potatoes and right in front of the guests. This process sets the Nifty Fifty’s experience apart from other restaurants because having fresh-cut fries means that all the added preservatives are not included! You can taste the difference with every bite. 

Sodas and Milkshakes

Don’t forget to wash it all down with one of the handcrafted sodas, malts or milkshakes! Nifty Fifty’s shakes are made with homemade syrups and come in so many flavors you might not be able to choose! Craft Sodas come in over 70 flavors and combinations!


I recommend a visit if you find yourself in the area, for more information on Nifty Fifty’s locations and menu offerings, visit the corporate site:


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