Stacked Pickle – Excellent Restaurant Service with a Sports Personality

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Stacked Pickle – Excellent Restaurant Service with a Sports Personality

Stacked Pickle – Excellent Restaurant Service with a Sports Personality

Stacked Pickle is a sports-styled neighborhood eatery that was founded by Super Bowl winner and former NFL backer Gary Brackett. The sports bar and restaurant has had nine successful locations in the Indianapolis market and is making waves in the restaurant market. Its success comes from the focus and dedication from its leadership as well as its competitively priced menu.

Stacked Pickle is a franchise which is now open to franchisees who want to start their own eateries in their local area. The success of the company has been largely been as a result of the leadership of Gary Brackett. His team of experienced restaurant operators have ensured that patrons receive quality service and delicious menus at fantastic prices.

The Restaurant and Choosing the Right Location

The vision of the founder was to start a spacious and comfortable eatery that would serve a wide range of competitively priced foods made from fresh ingredients. Stacked Pickle is your neighborhood restaurants where people can unwind as they watch their favorite teams on one of the many screens on multiple locations.

The restaurant is designed to be spacious. The founder, who is a celebrated NFL player, felt that patrons coming into his sports styled restaurant should be able to catch up on their favorite team while enjoying some of the delicious treats on the menu.

Each location is fitted with multiple 92” projectors and 50” plasma TVs that stream live sports matches and updates. There are also Trivia Nights where neighbors can pick each other’s brains as they enjoy the night’s drinks special. Live bands and other special events are on selected days at specified locations.

The Menu

You can calm your nerves as you watch your favorite sports team from the multiple screens as you choose from an array of delicious menu items including food, drinks and beverages. Stacked Pickle menu is popular and competitively priced. 

You can order one of the popular Stacked Pickle Juicy burgers with mushroom, tomato, and other fresh ingredients for $5 on Burger Monday and Taco Tuesdays. If you are particular about what you want on your plate Stacked Pickle provides a wide range of menu items to pick from. Stacked Pickle has a catering service for events available within 48 hours notice and featuring the restaurants wide range of fresh and delicious menu items.

You can pick from 15 different types of burgers and 14 different types of sandwiches. Also from their menu, you can choose pizzas, fish tacos, wings, tenderloins, fried and fish pickles, amongst other foods.  Their chicken pizza, chicken tenders, salads and tenderloins are proving to be quite popular with regular patrons. The full bar has 14 different beers on tap and there are also other drinks and beverages with more than 15 different flavors and other options on the daily drink specials. Healthy options are also available on the menu.

Excellent Customer Service

The restaurant commitment to service delivery is part of its philosophy which was inspired by the founder’s own vision. The winning formula for its first nine locations has been to serve fresh and affordable food and drinks with unmatched customer service.


For more information on The Stacked Pickle and how to find a restaurant near you, visit the corporate site:

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    Always nice to have a professional athlete who has a strong brand like Gary Brackett behind a franchise system like Stacked Pickle.

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