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A-1 Painting Services

A-1 Painting Services

The A-1 Painting franchise is based on a sound and customer-centric business model that has worked for the parent company in Michigan, Florida and surrounding areas. The business has achieved success in its current market as a result of its commitment to providing quality service and excellent customer support which isn’t always apparent in the painting market.  A-1 Painting hopes to replicate the success and gain a footprint in new locations by providing franchisees with valuable information that will lead them to profitability. The franchise will provide training before the commencement of the business. The company will continue to send personnel to help out franchisees from time to time to provide guidance.


Exceptional Painting Service

The business was started after market analysis that showed there was need for reliable service for those who would want to leave the painting tasks to professionals. Franchisees are expected to work with integrity and professionalism to deliver a high-quality service at competitive prices. Some of the services offered include:


Historic Painting: Restoring a historic home can be a tricky problem. You need to restore the color schemes and tones to the client’s expectations. A-1 Painting will train franchisees on how to accomplish these tasks. Supervisors from the parent company are deployed to businesses from time to time to ensure that the proper procedures are followed. Additionally, the restoration of historic homes requires the observation of local regulations. A-1 Painting ensures all these procedures are followed so that the client can get a professional service.

Interior Painting: Homeowners choose to leave their painting job to professionals because they hope that they will handle the task with a higher level of expertise. Therefore, painters are trained to pay attention to detail. They paint walls and other parts of the house while being conscious of any damage that they may cause to property including spills on the floor and on furniture.

Commercial Painting: A-1 Painting provides commercial painting services to retail and big businesses. The key is to provide high quality services based on the latest procedures and techniques. The company also recognizes that painting work should be done without disrupting the day-to-day business that goes on in these commercial establishments. The company offers a high quality service without the disruptions that are often experience when dealing with other painting professionals.

Pressure Washer: Pressure washing is also another service that is available from A-1 Painting. Homeowners who need debris from their decks, gutters and other parts outside the house can take advantage of pressure washing services to get their homes clean and gutters functioning. Pressure washing improves curb appeal, increases home value, and removes contaminants and debris that could age and ruin parts of your home.

Other services include sealing and staining decks and wooden fences, caulking and window gauzing, and professional and dry wall repair. The aim is to provide quality service at a reasonable cost. Staff are trained to pay attention to the needs of the customers and consider their expectations before they start painting. A-1 Painting Management not only paints, but also improve properties.


A-1 is as the name would suggest, a premium painting contractor service. The company and it’s team provide exceptional work in a professional, accountable and timely way so the customer gets the job they hoped for at the price point that matters.  For more information on the A-1 Painting service model or A-1 Painting Franchise, visit the corporate site:



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  • Lisa Saab
    May 18, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    A-1 Painting has all of the right attributes to be a strong painting franchise. The commercial painting franchise market needs some strong brands and innovative business thinking. A-1 could do it.

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