Magoo’s Pet Outlet Service and Product Offering

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Magoo’s Pet Outlet Service and Product Offering

Magoo’s Pet Outlet Service and Product Offering

The pet supply business has been growing steadily in the past decade. This could be a reflection of the increasing importance pets play in people’s lives. More pet owners are looking for better products for their furry friends. Magoo’s Pet Outlet provides a wide range of products for customers to choose from.

Quality and consistency of service

Magoo’s Pet Outlet provides quality products for pet owners and pet lovers. The company has been in operation for four decades. Throughout this time they have developed a working business model by trying to understand customer expectations.

Over the years customer expectations have changed. People are not just looking for any dog or cat food, they now want the best for their pets. The franchise sells pet food from hundreds of different brands such as Nestle Purina, Nature’s Variety, Raw Hide, Nutro Ultra, etc.

Unique, discount offerings of pet products

There are many unique products in Magoo’s pet store. There are products for pet owners, lovers and pet parents. Pet owners are often looking for their usual supplies which include dog food, cat food, feeders etc.

Pet lovers and pet owners are looking for a lot more from a pet shop. They want specialty products that will keep their pets healthy and happy. They are very particular about how they groom, feed and take care of their pets. 

Magoo’s pet store provides unique products that address varying customer needs. There are dog treats made from natural foodsuch as grass fed beef. If your pet has health problems there are foods for diabetic pets and those with kidney complications.

Exotic Pet Products and wide selection

Close to a fifth of American households have exotic pets, from wild birds, amphibians, monkeys, wild animals and insects.Magoo’s pet store has the widest product offering for customers looking for exotic pets. The company has had a lot of experience in the pet supply industry and they understand exactly what customers are looking for when they are seeking supplies for their exotic pets.

The company has wild bird feeders, reptile heaters, reptile bedding, fish bowls, rodent traps amongst other supplies. They also sell live reptiles ranging from the Red Chameleon, Halloween Crab, to Russian tortoise and the Kenyan Boa. This makes it a one stop shop for virtually all pet supplies that pet owners and lovers could possibly need.

Pricing for pet retail products

Magoo’s Pet Outlet has a wide range of products and brands available in its stores. This means that customers get to choose products based on quality or price. This franchise pet outlet has products ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Franchisors benefit not relying on only one type of customer or a single demographic. Some of the live reptiles in their stores can be purchased for less than $10.

Magoo’s Pet Outlet has a franchise opportunity for business people looking to start a pet business. The pet outlet offers a wide range of products, training and support. The franchise has developed a business model based on what they’ve learnt after four decades in business. Take advantage of this promising pet retail franchise today.  More information, visit the magoo’s corporate site!

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  • Sally Facinelli
    May 18, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Magoo’s has the right model, pet retail is in a high growth curve….I like the model so much from a competitive standpoint, great value and enormous potential for growth.

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