Stay Polished: Nails Have Never Been So Much Fun!

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Stay Polished: Nails Have Never Been So Much Fun!

Have you ever sat at a nail salon having the best pedicure or manicure of your life, the service is great, the atmosphere is there…….but just felt like something was missing, like maybe a drink!?  Well, Stay Polished has Stay Polished Beauty and Martini Bar is ushering in a new era of nail spa experiences by combining incredible service, delectable cocktails and an atmosphere that wraps the experience into a tight package that keeps you coming back for more. Stay Polished has perfected polish techniques, uses only high quality products, and retains expert technicians to deliver the most amazing nail salon experience, all with a martini on the side. 

Every client of Stay Polished is immersed into a 1950s-inspired atmosphere, complete with the voice of Frank Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe to serenade them during their spa experience. The decorations and special touches launch each visitor into simpler times, but with the amenities and convenience of today’s most lavish nail salons. The custom eco-friendly pedicure chairs offer an oversized cushioned seat with shiatsu massage, promoting relaxation during the pampering process. You won’t find the traditional pedi chairs of yesteryear that breed bacteria within their internal piping. Instead, the pedicure basin in the Stay Polished chairs feature a patented NoPipe system which eliminates internal pipes, making for a wonderfully sanitary experience for all.  

Stay Polished has a range of menu offerings, including variations of manicures, gel polish, pedicures, and paraffin dips. The martini bar’s menu is impressive and full of fun selections complete with Lemon Drops and Cosmopolitans. The nail salon features a sprawling lounge that beckons parties and large groups to enjoy the environment in combination with high quality services together.  Frequently, Bachelorette parties and other social gatherings are held at Stay Polished, but regular, daily client visits come in the form of Monthly Memberships and individual client visits.  

If you would like more information in becoming involved with the Stay Polished brand and would like to be considered as a franchisee, they would love to hear from you. Visit their website for more information at  

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