The Brokerage Your Company Wants: Website Closers

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The Brokerage Your Company Wants: Website Closers

There is a moment in time when our decision can have a ripple effect on our business and personal future for years to come. When it comes to exit strategies for your big tech and web based businesses, trust these decisions to none other than industry-leader Website Closers. Proven methods based on over fifty years of combined wisdom in the business brokerage market makes Website Closers one of the best internet brokerages around, and their over $750 billion worth of sales since inception proves it.

Founded in 2013 by Jason Guerrettaz and Ron Matherson, Website Closers was created to provide specialized services from a brokerage that understands the uniqueness of internet-based operations. Both founders are serial internet entrepreneurs with extensive operational experience within tech and web companies. Selling internet properties is complicated, demanding specific techniques and strategies that will gift a seller the ultimate sales prices that they deserve, which Website Closers can provide!

The comprehensive list of services that Website Closers offers includes everything a business owner needs for an in-the-know, quality transaction that is completed with efficiency. These include digital marketing of the business, evaluating expenses, qualifying and vetting buyers, and much more. The sales process begins with a consultation that uncovers the business owner’s needs and goals for the sale of the internet property. Taking these requirements into consideration, Website Closers has proven time and time again to get top dollar for business owners around the world. 

Website Closers not only utilizes extensive expertise on their leadership team to move a business deal smoothly through the process, but their sister company, ValleyBiggs, also contributes to several aspects of the sales journey. This focus is including, but not limited to tax consultation, due diligence, accounting and finance, legal, operations, and lending. Differentiating Website Closers from other similar firms is their uncanny tactics within the world of government financing. Navigating the space of SBA loans has proven complicated and confusing for many predecessors; Website Closers uses its over 20 years of experience and knowledge, leveraging their relationships to often get a transaction successfully accomplished when other brokerages cannot. 

The Website Closers team is a unique group of industry experts that have been on both sides of a sales deal and everything in between. The company offers its clients a full service brokerage that will certainly live up to its reputation. For more information on Website Closers and their services, visit their website at

Website Closers is franchising! If you are a driven professional with exceptional communication skills and experience in the big tech space, visit our franchise webpage at
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