Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center – A Medical Center People Trust

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Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center – A Medical Center People Trust

 Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center – A Medical Center People Trust

Ultimate Image is a cosmetic medical center that provides a wide range of quality cosmetic services. The services include skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, micro needling, chemical peels and facials, dermal fillers, amongst others. The center is dedicated to providing the highest level of service while remaining committed to the highest standards of ethics, safety, and medical care.

Cosmetic Procedures that Work and Services that Make them Approachable

Ultimate Image is dedicated to providing the latest cosmetic procedures in order to guarantee each of its clients natural looking results. Some of the procedures available at the cosmetic center include:

  • Body Contouring: The services are based latest evidence backed procedures to designed guarantee patients safety and comfort. Liposonix is an alternative to liposuction and is non-invasive and non-surgical. Liposonix uses high-intensity ultrasound to target pockets of fat around the body. The procedure produces results to match, if not exceed, the more invasive and surgical liposuction.
  • Laser Hair Removal: The Lumenis hair removal services offered at the cosmetic center uses cutting-edge technology to deliver more permanent results with minimal discomfort. The device gently draws hair follicles and keeps the skin cool during and after the procedure. Additionally, the Lumenis laser removal technology can target specific spots on the scalp which is useful in removing discolored hair.
  • Botox and Dysport: Ultimate Image offers FDA approved Botox treatments to help relax facial muscles and reverse the progression of wrinkles. Dysport is a similar procedure designed to target the muscles between the eyebrows and ease the appearance of glabellar lines. Dysport is a more precise procedure and does not affect any other muscles or expression outside of the targeted area.
  • Verju: Verju is another non-invasive non-surgical procedure only available at Ultimate Image in the entire Tampa Bay area. The treatment is ideal for people who want to eliminate pockets of fat in their abdomen without having to undergo other more invasive procedures. The Verju Laser technology uses low-level beams to sweep pockets of fat without resulting in burns, pain, or wounds. The number of treatments you’ll have to undergo depends on the assessment of your cellulite grade level. You will most probably only require a couple of treatments to get the results you want.

Equipment to provide Exceptional Beauty Services

Ultimate Image is known for its dedication to delivering consistent results to their clients. One of their secrets lies in how they manage the equipment they use in various procedures. Instead of hiring, Ultimate Image decided to store and services all their equipment in-house. This has reduced delays related to scheduling problems. It is easier for the company to coordinate routine maintenance while still ensuring the equipment will be ready for the procedure. Additionally, Ultimate image uses the latest technology for laser treatments. By storing and maintaining the equipment in-house, the company can ensure the quality of the machine is upheld.

Great Customer Service to Make the Experience Incredible

One of the greatest fears for clients undergoing a cosmetic procedure is not getting the results they expected. Ultimate Image has a team of professionals who will work with patients before, during and after the procedure to ensure everything goes according to their expectations. Clear communication between the patient and the professional team has enabled Ultimate Image to deliver exceptional results within the expectations of the client.


Great news, Ultimate Image is bringing these quality services to more markets around the U.S. and eventually around the world through the Ultimate Image MedSpa franchise opportunity. 


For more information on the Ultimate Image Services or Franchise offering, visit the corporate site:


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