HERO Inspections and Environmental Announces Franchise Opportunity

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HERO Inspections and Environmental Announces Franchise Opportunity

For Immediate Release January 2018

The home buying and selling process come with a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges being the home inspection process. HERO Inspections was created with a vision to benefit both homeowners and realtors when it comes to the need for home inspections.  HERO Inspections was established to streamline the home inspection process in order to reduce the liability of both the home buyer, owner, and realtor. HERO is able to do this by providing a thorough inspection of the home, as well as any other environmental factors surrounding the home, in order to provide the best possible outlook on the home and its value and worth. At HERO, they understand that a home is an important and big investment and both home buyers and realtors want to be assured that they are making the right choice.

Quality Customer Service

HERO Inspections prides itself on a company that puts its clients’ needs above their own. Their certified and trained home inspectors work diligently to ensure that the home buyers know exactly what they are buying and the realtors know exactly what they are selling. It is their job to write down everything they see in the three main areas of inspection: Safety, Material Defects, and Nuisances. This write it up is what homebuyers can then use to discuss negotiations with the seller or realtor, and the inspector can use to help the homebuyer make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the home. Their inspections will be thorough and honest, providing the home buyer with an appropriate picture of what they are getting with the home.

HERO hopes to eliminate any liabilities for all parties involved, by going above and beyond the typical home inspection that clients might receive from other companies. HERO Inspections follows the NACHI Standards of Practice, which is recognized in more than 88 countries as a standard inspections certification company. Because many states do not have strict guidelines on home inspections, HERO is a step ahead of the rest. This means that any home inspection they do will be done with certification and protection set out by the standards of practice.

Franchising Opportunities

Because of HERO Inspections great success, the company is now offering franchising opportunities in the following areas: Denver, Colorado, South Florida, and Central Florida. The cost to franchise is very affordable and the HERO management team has put together financing options allowing for the payments to be broken down into a simple payment format. HERO Home Inspections will also offer a thorough training to all employees so that each and every inspector and employee is held to the same standards and up to speed on the company’s expectations.


HERO Inspections is a helpful, customer service-based company that has high standards for it’s’ service. This franchise opportunity would be welcomed in any area and should be highly praised for its efforts in eliminating some of the stresses of home buying.


For More information on the HERO Home Inspections Model, visit the corporate site:



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