Are Aldi Supermarkets the Best Thing Invented Since the Internet?  

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Are Aldi Supermarkets the Best Thing Invented Since the Internet?  

Aldi Supermarkets, Great Deals on GroceriesI’m not sure where they came from or what group of braniacs got together and invented Aldi, but if you haven’t been blessed with the Aldi experience yet, it’s time to either get on a plane and fly to the nearest city you can find an Aldi ( or have someone in an Aldi City go shop for you and video tape the experience on their phone.  I am going to sum it up in one sentence, Aldi saves you an insane amount of money on groceries.  Ok, ok, so the place feels a lot like a Mexican market in Cancun minus the guy who you can pay to take pictures with his parrot and monkey who are clearly living in an abused state.  And yes, you have to put a quarter into the shopping cart to take your cart then have an embarrassing moment when you can’t get your quarter back out of the cart and spend too much time on it making it all to evident to everyone else how much the quarter means to you.

Aldi products have funny names, like Fruit Rounds instead of Fruit Loops and Sodas that sound like you are in another country, the meats clearly are from the animals that didn’t quite make the varsity team and probably enjoyed controlled substances.  And yes, only recently did Aldi learn that the world had credit cards and only accepted cash.  But again, one sentence, Aldi saves you a ton of money.  I have had an ongoing feud with grocery stores such as Kroger and Publix who try to make a shopping experience positive and lush when you go to get groceries and in turn charge premium prices.  What these stores don’t get is that the average person, in particular millennial, hates grocery shopping, like almost as much as getting chicken pox.  (disease that was prevalent in the 80’s and 90’s and seems to have disappeared).  It doesn’t matter how nice the shopping experience is in any place, people want a good value.  Aldi has nailed it, they literally wrote the book on how to design a grocery store, simple, straight forward and cheap.  Try Aldi, you will be proud of yourself after your visit and leave with a smile on your face.

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