For Kids Who Are Going Places: Kids Kab

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For Kids Who Are Going Places: Kids Kab

For Kids Who Are Going Places: Kids Kab

Parents have a million things on their plates. Nutrition, birthday parties, homework, friends, sports…the list goes on and on. What if there was relief to help with the pressures of parenthood? Kids Kab is here to lend a helping hand to caregivers everywhere. This unique concept is a full-service transportation provider, giving parents peace-of-mind and break in the day-to-day demands of driving. Started in California by Liz Marino-Morris, the company is spreading throughout the U.S. quickly through franchising.

Kids Kab’s premier services are extensive. Parents can choose from a variety of options as they select what is best for their particular needs. The individual rates for Kids Kab begin at $23 per ride. Bulk discounts are provided as the weekly quantity of rides increases. For example, five rides per week will reduce the rate by $4. Airport and field trip services are also provided for larger groups. An annual membership option, valid September to June, or a summer membership option, valid June to August, are both available.

The company has been detailed and critical of every facet of its operations. Kids Kab operates differently than a taxi service. Instead, clients will begin their journey with Kids Kab through a simple registration process. Kids Kab offers a convenient online portal through which to pay and thorough communication through up-to-the-minute notifications for parents. Currently, Kids Kab is the only Northern California children’s transportation system available that is fully insured and completely regulated by the Public Utility Commission and the California Highway Patrol.

Safety is key. The drivers of every Kids Kab vehicle are rigorously screened and tested for their compatibility with company standards. The Kids Kab vehicles are extremely safe, from up-to-date mechanical repairs to safety belts and car seats. The company leaves no stone unturned when it comes to keeping their clients safe! If needed, drivers will personally pick up a child from a classroom or walk a child to a door. Safety and reliability go hand in hand and Kids Kab never sacrifices either one.

Parents and caregivers everywhere now have a viable option to aid in the day-to-day schedule and activities of life. Kids Kab is trustworthy, dependable, and secure, meaning children will be in great hands every mile of the way! For kids who are going places and may need a ride with Kids Kab, visit their website at for more information. For franchise system inquiries, fill out the form found here and send it to [email protected]

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