Level Red Boxing Franchise – Making Fitness Fun!

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Level Red Boxing Franchise – Making Fitness Fun!

Level Red Boxing Franchise – Making Fitness Fun!

In a world focused on fitness and healthy habits, the consistent influx of information and how-tos can be overwhelming. Level Red Boxing is here to simplify effective workouts and gift patrons with a streamlined process built atop motivators and rewards. Currently operating five locations, the company is sharing its fitness philosophy through franchising, gifting the nation with cardio-centric, strength-building exercises that produce results.

For those who are new to Level Red Boxing, or any boxing exercise at all, the fitness concept keeps the exercises applicable to all fitness levels. The classes are molded to meet the goals of weight loss, body toning, core strength and stamina.The website offers descriptions on four foundational boxing moves- the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut- for the newbie who has never set foot through the door or as a refresher for those with just a few classes under their belt. The first class is always free. A healthy mix of kettlebells, cardio, boxing circuits, core, and medicine ball are blended within each class, making them more familiar for a range of fitness backgrounds.

Level Red Boxing inspires its members to stay motivated through its three tier reward system. Upon the first class, every member is given a green pair of gloves. After their first 100 classes, they move up to a pair of yellow gloves, ultimately arriving at the red gloves at the 200 class mark. The community and instructor involvement within each Level Red Boxing facility keeps the energy high, the motivation flowing, and the fun happening. Instructors are called “Motivators” and are there to help each member achieve his or her fitness goals.

The Level Red Boxing Franchise concept has been built to simplify the fitness experience and clearly communicate the goal of each class, eliminating the intimidation that often comes with beginning a new gym. Every corner of each class room has a large video monitor that displays the exact how-to of the current move and tells how many reps to do. Beyond this, Motivators are hand-picked based on their virtue and expert abilities, meaning every member stays within the parameters of the exercise and stays motivated through coaching. For a first time visitor, everything is provided, including hand wraps, gloves, towels, and a heart rate monitor.

The Level Red Boxing Franchise experience is unique in various aspects, making it a sure thing within the fitness world and the franchise marketplace. Gifting patrons with a fun and results-producing workout keeps visitors motivated and returning to meet their goals and earn their gloves. For more information on this fun brand and how to become a part of the team through franchising, please visit the Level Red Boxing website at https://www.levelredboxing.com

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