Green Queen: Keeping Your Family Safe from Harmful Chemicals and Toxic Substances

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Green Queen: Keeping Your Family Safe from Harmful Chemicals and Toxic Substances

Green Queen: Keeping Your Family Safe from Harmful Chemicals and Toxic Substances

It is second nature for homemakers to use a wide variety of products when they are cleaning and maintaining the home. This is one of the primary reasons why commercial cleaning products have always been popular and continuously evolving. Unfortunately, few people are aware that these seemingly “harmless” products caused almost 10% of all toxic exposures forwarded to the U.S. Poison Control Centers in 2000. From this percentage, over 120,000 cases involved children under six years old.

Studies and many types of research reveal that majority of cleaning ingredients found in the home can pose numerous health risks from acute respiratory or skin irritation to chronic diseases such as cancer. Given all these risks especially in households with young children, what can homeowners do?


What is Green Queen?

The founder of Green Queen, Jennifer Hankey, is all too familiar with the harmful health effects of commercial cleaning products since her daughter was born with health conditions caused and exacerbated by environmental factors, specifically common chemicals that are regularly used at home.

Having experienced the apparent lack of authentic non-toxic options for all standard services and chemicals for home use that will help protect families, Ms. Hankey created Green Queen: Nontoxic Services in 2015.

What Services Does Green Queen Offer?

Green Queen serves as a one-stop-shop for all relevant services and products that most homemakers need to keep their homes free from toxic substances and ultimately to protect the health of all members of the family.

Green Queen services include the following:

  • Home Cleaning
  • Mosquito Control
  • Pest and Termite Control
  • Turf and Lawn Care


What are the Benefits of Relying on Green Queen Services?

The team of environment specialists at Green Queen only uses organic cleaners that leave practically no trace of contaminants in your home. This is incredible considering that traditional cleaning products have been found to leave more than 38 types of contaminants in the air after use!

For controlling mosquitoes, termites, and other pests, the company only rely on essential oil-based products that contain no toxic additives. This means you will be able to eliminate troublesome insects and other pests in your home without harming your family and even the rest of the environment.

Regarding caring and maintaining your beautiful yard and lawn, the experts in Green Queen can improve the quality of the soil and get rid of insects that harm your plants by using natural products. This means you will greatly contribute to the preservation of the environment since you are not using chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

At the end of the day, if you rely on Green Queen to assist you in carrying out your various household activities, you can be assured that your family’s health, especially your little ones, will be protected.


Who will Benefit Most from Green Queen?

The many services of Green Queen would benefit all households and communities. Ultimately, if you care about your health and the wellbeing of your loved ones while at the same time wanting to protect the environment, then Green Queen has something to offer you. 

Great news also….Green Queen seems to have just recently launched a franchise platform and is expanding to new markets, find out more information on the franchise here:

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