Rent a Ruminant: Herds of Goats have never been so helpful

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Rent a Ruminant: Herds of Goats have never been so helpful

Rent a Ruminant:  Herds of Goats have never been so helpful

While hiring a herd of goats is not exactly the most popular land clearing solution today, it is undoubtedly on top when you take into consideration its many outstanding advantages. Using machines and equipment or hiring several people can complete the job but their benefits are very limited.

Getting the services of Rent-A-Ruminant and letting their strong and able goats to get rid of unwanted vegetation in your property is beneficial for you in the following ways:

You Help Care for the Environment

Using heavy machinery and equipment to clear your property of weeds and other useless plants will leave a lot of debris after the process. If you want to dispose of the rubbish in an eco-friendlier way, then you must invest a lot of effort and time to do so. This is not an issue when you hire goats to do the work since they simply eat everything you want to get rid of – no leftovers. Everything is clear and clean once the goats are done with their job. 

It is More Convenient

If you opt for traditional methods to clear your property, you have no choice but to go through several processes to obtain a land clearing permit. Imagine the hassle of applying and the fee you need to pay. Fortunately, using goats to clear lawns, yards, and other idle lands does not require any government permits. The work immediately starts after acquiring the services.


It is Less Troublesome and Annoying

While goats bleat, their sound is not annoying and actually pleasing for a lot of nature-lovers. Heavy machinery used when clearing a land, however, can be noisy and irritating. If you have neighbors nearby, you can earn their ire because of the noise pollution but if you use goats, they are more likely to find it endearing since most people love animals.

It is Versatile and Efficient

If your land is in an undeveloped area, it is impossible for heavy machinery to reach it and do the work since it needs good roads to get there. It is also extremely difficult for machines to do clearing operations on steep hillsides and rough terrain as their movements are limited. Goats, on the other hand, have no problem munching on plants and other vegetation regardless of location. They can go anywhere there is land and plants to get rid of.

You Help Care for Abandoned Goats

Rent-A-Ruminant has mostly rescued goats that were cared for by the company. These animals were given care and affection they very much needed after being abandoned for some time. Ultimately, they all become part of the family, so much so that they are never slaughtered even though they could no longer do the work and had to retire. The “retired” goats are sent to live at The Old Goats Home. 

There are many reasons why you need land clearing solutions. You may own a land property that has been left idle for years or you may have an expansive yard or lawn that needs to be cleared of unwanted vegetation – whatever the reason is, you need to understand the option that will be most beneficial for you. Get in touch with Rent-A-Ruminant today and learn more on how hiring a herd of goats is the best decision you can make for this kind of work.

This innovative, unique and amazing service platform deserves anyone’s consideration when the right circumstances arise.  Visit the corporate site for more information on Rent a Ruminant and how the service works:


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