Ideal Feet: Fixing Your Foot Issue One Step at a Time

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Ideal Feet: Fixing Your Foot Issue One Step at a Time

Feet are used by everyone, everyday. They carry our weight as we busy ourselves throughout our lives, hold us up steadily as we stand, and walk us to and from our activities. Are we properly caring for our feet in the way they truly deserve? One company in San Antonio, Texas has set out to change the way people care for their feet. Ideal Feet, owned by foot expert Ernest Wallace, is excited to extend a franchise opportunity to interested candidates and to share the Ideal Feet product line with the aching feet of the nation.

Ideal Feet stands head and shoulders above other insole providers for several reasons. To begin, their attention to detail is astounding. Customers come in to Ideal Feet searching for solutions to severe pain related to plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or other issues. The specialists at Ideal Feet are highly trained to evaluate each foot concern and to develop a plan and insole that is right for the customer. Each customer is given the undivided attention of a trained staff member and taken through a process including pain evaluation, measurements, and observation. Each location has a medical doctor on call for any questions that may arise.

Ideal Feet is careful to measure and pinpoint a orthotic insole that is specific to your needs. The company carries over 25 sizes of arch supports in more than 300 sizes, aiding in relief for ailments like back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions or calluses. Types of foot relief includes inserts and orthotics that fit everything from sandals to work boots and everything in between. Relaxers provide added cushion for those not yet suffering from foot pain but who hope to prevent it. Maintainers allow a wearer to quickly adjust to the insert, offering a narrower profile for certain style shoes. Lastly, the Original Trainer is designed to encourage the foot into a natural and neutral position during standing and walking, and it offers support that is both firm and flexible. Every person will find the right fit for their feet at Ideal Feet!

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