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Cigarettes are one of the top destructive elements to our health. A plethora of health crises sprout from the tobacco filled stick, so much so that the public has cried out for help. According to one research report by the Truth Initiative, over 12 million Americans are scouring the internet for help to kick the habit; that’s one third of smokers. Offbeat and Unique, a vape boutique located in Gilbert, AZ, is here to help. This unique twist on cigarette control comes in the form vaping with e-cigs and e-liquids that have produced hundreds of success stories and proud patrons, including the founder, T.J. Grant. 

Mr.Grant underwent his transformation to reformed smoker when he first tried vaping in 2014. After being a smoker for 25 years with all prior attempts to quit proving unsuccessful, he was astonished at the ease with which vaping worked for him. The vape lounge and shop stands out from the competition because of the personal journey Mr.Grant walked, meaning he has a firsthand understanding of the needs and desires for those looking for vape supplies. The staff at Offbeat and Unique is rigorously trained, given ample information about all of the products they offer. Additionally, they are taught on how to listen to a customer’s story and how to work together to devise a program of supplies that is unique to each client, promoting a successful path to vaping from the get-go. 

All of the supplies and products carried at Offbeat and Unique have been personally tested and tried by Mr.Grant. The company carries specialty products, high-tech hardware, battery chargers, varying e-liquids, adapters, and e-cigarettes. Within the vaping lounge you will find a specially trained team of experts that can guide you through a “vaping university” experience, answering popular questions such as “Where do I begin?” or “What is the difference between PG and VG liquids?” or “What strength nicotine do I need?” Offbeat and Unique strives to carry only authentic products sourced directly from the manufacturer whenever possible. Customers can confidently walk into an Offbeat and Unique lounge and know they are in well-educated and caring hands as they figure out the products right for them.

Offbeat and Unique is franchising! They are currently seeking interested and qualified candidates to help others leave the world of tobacco cigarettes for a healthier, versatile option: vaping. For more information on the franchise opportunity, please visit their website at 

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