Da’ Crust Pizza is Da’ Place to Be

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Da’ Crust Pizza is Da’ Place to Be

Pizza is one of the most loved cuisines around. According to one nationwide survey conducted in 2016, over 79 million Americans had visited a pizza restaurant in the span of one month. Located in Henderson, Nevada, Da’ Crust Pizza and Kitchen hails as a fan favorite, riddled with five star ratings, positive remarks, and solid customer retention. This company is ready to make the move towards national recognition through its exciting franchise launch.

What makes this pizzeria a standout within a sea of pizza places sprawled throughout the U.S.? More than just pizza, the kitchen offers savory salads, satiating sandwiches, and delicious dinners. Additionally, through 30 years of experience in the art of italian cuisine, Da’ Crust owner Frank McCarron has honed his skills and trimmed the fat from each recipe to deliver a perfected bite each time. One dinner offering is the Da’ Pasta Primavera, served with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, garlic, olive oil, basil, tomatoes, and black olives. The Da’ Philly Cheese Steak sandwich has been a popular choice amongst newbies and regulars alike, served hot, fresh off the grill. Reviewers are consistently impressed with their Da’ Crust offerings, with such rave comments as “Gave this place a try tonight and I am amazed” or “If you want authentic deep dish pizza, I highly recommend this place!” and finally, “By far the best pizza I have had in the Las Vegas area and I would also argue to be the best I have had in a long time in the US”. The people have spoken and Da’ Crust has their hearts- and their appetites.

Da’ Crust offers a relaxed atmosphere with generous seating for those who choose to dine-in or a delivery option through app, website, or phone call. Not only this, but unique to the establishment is their heat-and-eat pizza option. Da’ Crust has settled itself as a neighborhood staple through their fundraising model using the heat-and-eat pizzas. These pies still have the taste that customers have grown to love, while offering both convenience and support to organizations in need of a financial boost. With delightful menu items and unparalleled customer service, Da’ Crust finds itself as a hot commodity within the neighborhood.

For more information on Da’ Crust Pizza and Kitchen or on their new franchise opportunity, visit their website at https://www.dacrustpizzakitchen.com 

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