Proven Poke: Making Poke Right!

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Proven Poke: Making Poke Right!

Proven Poke:  Making Poke Right!

In the past few years, poke has hit the mainland with explosive popularity and welcome applause. This traditional Hawaiian dish was once a quick snack for fisherman as they combined raw cubed fish with seaweed and salt for a quick satiation fix. Proven Poke Co., a favored poke destination and successful restaurant biz blooming across New Jersey with five locations, has been one of the forerunners in poke cuisine as they offer an incredible menu, a laid-back atmosphere, and unsurpassed customer service.

Proven Poke Co. patrons will find themselves in a welcoming, trendy ambiance, complete with butcher block countertops, industrial lighting, and fun Hawaiian accents. The menu has been carefully scrutinized and developed over the months to deliver only the best poke combinations. Their house favs are many poke lovers’ go-tos hoping for a quick healthy bite. Choices like the KickFlip, which takes a sous vide chicken base, and combines scallions, sweet onions, cilantro, mango, chili garlic sauce, crispy onions, crispy garlic, and a garnish of Hawaiian mayo to deliver a nutritious and delicious punch. No matter the dietary restrictions, Proven Poke Co. delivers delectable options, like their Vegan AF, which unites the flavors of tofu, edamame, pickled ginger, mango, sweet chili sauce, sesame seeds, marinated shitake mushrooms, and avocado all in one savory dish. All selections are offered in a burrito or bowl and can be completely customized from your choice of base, sauces, and mix-ins. Even the unexpected crumbled Doritos, Fritos, or Cheetos are offered to make the meal truly epic.

Proven Poke Co. is more than just the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The product is offered through fast-paced service, getting each patron out as quickly as they need to be, while also serving to be a nutritious option to keep everyone energized throughout your day. All the fish served at Proven Poke Co. is sustainably sourced in keeping with the company’s environmentally conscious philosophy. In addition to giving the public perfected poke choices and mouth-watering flavors, Proven Poke Co. holds its customer service to be top priority. Friendly, knowledgeable food preparers will dedicate the time every customer needs to explain the savory bases, innovative sauces, and scrumptious mix-ins, so each one is surely satisfied with their final selection. Catering options are offered at all locations to bring poke to the next party or event.

The Hawaiian Taste at an East Coast Pace is sure to please even the pickiest of patrons and will be a staple in your dining selections for years to come. Stop in today and we look forward to saying “Aloha!”  Here’s the great news, Proven Poke is launching a poke franchise to grow the brand and bring GREAT poke to more people in more markets.  If you or someone you know would like to get into the Poke business, this franchise platform could be an amazing opportunity.  

For more information on the Proven Poke model and menu, visit the corporate site:

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