Serious Education Meets Serious Fun at Unique Minds Montessori!

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Serious Education Meets Serious Fun at Unique Minds Montessori!

Serious Education Meets Serious Fun at Unique Minds Montessori!

In today’s highly competitive social structure, high quality is more important than ever and great learning starts early! Unique Minds Montessori School first started in 2000 as New Millennium Montessori School and was created by Annie and Jerry Luka. The school is structured to offer a well-rounded curriculum and foster a love for learning at an early age. The brand has spent over two decades perfecting its model and its processes, growing them into one of the tops and most well-loved schools in the Houston area. Unique Minds is beckoning new families to join their unique community!

Unique Minds Montessori School has proven their system of early childhood education to be both streamlined, effective, and fun! Children and families alike love their experience at Unique Minds, from the energetic and highly-trained staff to all of the sensory materials and phonics-based learning. The company strives to provide a better beginning for early childhood education through the use of Montessori techniques combined with some of the very best traditional educational approaches. They provide programs that begin at six weeks of age that go through the first grade, all customized to meet the unique needs of every age group and child.

The brand seeks to unleash the inner genius of every child, utilizing techniques that go beyond just curricular. They also offer additional classes that include martial arts, Spanish, gymnastics, piano, and soccer, all of which are approached in like manner to the rest of their curriculum. Field trips are a regular occurrence at Unique Minds, engaging children on new levels outside of the classroom. The field trips are offered year-round and visit some of the best educational places around. After-school programs are extended to public school children and are customized to meet the academic needs of each student, as well as offer homework tutoring and pick up from school.

The company has been growing since their inception in 2000 due to their polished and well-rounded approach. Seeing the opportunity for further expansion, Unique Minds is slated to expand through franchising this year. They are welcoming interested candidates to visit their webpage at to learn more information regarding the franchise system, support, and financial information.

Unique Minds Montessori School is full of innovation and effective techniques that are helping their students get ahead and stay ahead in life. Their website is full of enrollment options and more information regarding their curriculum, after-school programs, activities, and more! Please visit to find out more.

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