BurnRate Fitness: The Best Approach to Fitness

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BurnRate Fitness: The Best Approach to Fitness

BurnRate Fitness: The Best Approach to Fitness

People are constantly seeking ways to achieve their health goals. They fall short due to lack of community, stalled progress, and lack of optimal nutrition. BurnRate Fitness is here as the solution to all of these typical issues. Founded in 2018 by husband wife team Matt and Ronie Eguren, BurnRate was formed as a way to address the “entire person”, for a fully charged, empowered fitness experience that takes members through an immersive journey towards change and optimized health!

The philosophy at BurnRate makes sense. People cannot achieve maximum efficiency during a workout without the proper fuel to take them there. Without the right training for their body, their heart rate, and their fitness level, nutrition can only get them so far. BurnRate combines all of the elemental needs of the body together to form basic pillars of health that gift the user with longevity and optimal health! Attitude, nutrition, fitness, coaching, and accountability are all targeted throughout the BurnRate community, also endearingly referred to as a BurnTribe.

Technology is at the center of accountability at BurnRate. At the beginning of a member’s BurnRate experience, a customized plan is discussed and decided upon, taking into account the member’s goals. During each class, monitors prominently display every member’s heart rate and their goal “burnrate” where they will burn the maximum amount of calories. Emailed reports are sent out detailing progress at the end of every class. For Unlimited and 8 Class Monthly Members, there is also available access to the nutrition and 3D scanning program, giving the person a comprehensive look at where they need to make changes and how they can successfully manage those changes.

Accountability and community are crucial for such long term goals, and BurnRate Fitness has set into motion several key players that ensure a member’s success. Members can pre-schedule their classes via an app and reschedule classes straight from their phone, meaning a member cannot hide from a workout; their presence will be missed! The online portal allows members to keep up with their progress, double check their class schedule, and form new goals throughout the months. BurnRate is applicable to the entire family. Nutrition accountability can be done as a family unit, with youth having their very own Youth Leadership and Training programs to participate in.

The best approach to fitness starts at BurnRate Fitness. Encompassing a vision that reaches far beyond a treadmill, the company understands what it takes to reach goals and has empowered their members to do so in every way! BurnRate Fitness is franchising! If you are interested in becoming a franchise partner, then please visit their franchise webpage at http://burnratefitnessfranchise.com

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