The Ultimate Aid: Goshenite Seniors Services

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The Ultimate Aid: Goshenite Seniors Services

The Ultimate Aid: Goshenite Seniors Services

The senior population has flourished over the years. In 2016, there were 6 million people aged 65 or older living in Canada. This number is projected to jump to over 9.5 million by 2030. What does all this mean? The senior population represents a generation that will outgrow the number of children in both Canada and the United States by 2030[1]. Goshenite Seniors Services, founded and led by entrepreneur Nicole Blais, is here to meet the needs of this expanding population group with expert care and precision. 

Moving is stressful no matter what your age. Add in physical challenges, technical handicaps, or limited funding and the situation worsens. This is where Goshenite Seniors Services has lessened the stress for seniors and their families everywhere with resounding effectiveness, professionalism, and efficiency. The company has grown over the years because it has met a need for the senior population. The mission of Goshenite is as follows:

 “To facilitate the challenges our clients and families may face during their lifestyle changes, while respecting and upholding all of their values during the transition process through the provision of professional services all dedicated to making the right choice for our client’s transition”. 

Goshenite Seniors Services is the ultimate answer to any and all senior needs. The concierge services include every aspect for a move. Goshenite is sensitive to the fact that when a person is moving from a home in which they have resided for decades, it is a highly emotional experience. The Goshenite team will listen attentively to stories and memories, exuding patience every step of the process. The initial consultation is free. Goshenite Seniors Services is available to arrange movers, inventory and pack items, connect utilities, stage the home for sale, unpack items within the new home, plan a liquidation sale, and donate unwanted items. 

The company is more than relocation services. They have developed a program called Driving Seniors. The program has allowed seniors who can no longer drive maintain their freedom, while fostering a sense of independence and pride. Every driver within the Driving Seniors program is trained and screened to meet the needs of the seniors they host, including help to and from the vehicle, accompaniment to appointments, help with shopping, and more. Goshenite is also host to the 50+ Expo each year. The expo is home to vendors that are specifically aimed to help aging boomers, caregivers, and their families, including travel, finances, nutrition, accessibility, fitness, and more.

The aging population is beckoning for services just like the ones provided at Goshenite. Goshenite Seniors Services will deliver exceptional and caring customer service each and every step of the way while maintaining a sensitivity and awareness to the situation. Transitioning and relocating can be difficult. Goshenite Seniors Services is the answer. 

Goshenite Seniors Services is franchising! Be one of the first franchise buyers to join in with an exclusive territory, marketing guidance, reasonable initial investment, and operational support! Visit the Goshenite Seniors Services franchise page at for more information. 


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