Valuable Service in Velum Design and Incredible Ceiling Solutions

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Valuable Service in Velum Design and Incredible Ceiling Solutions

We see them every day and don’t even notice: our ceilings. Throughout the home and within the places we visit, ceilings are paramount to structural integrity and can add a pleasurable sense of aesthetics to the entire room. Velum Design, the leading manufacturer of stretch ceilings in Europe since 2009, has brought their innovative designs to North America. Customers rave about the service, value, and look of their Velum Design ceilings, and the brand is quickly growing to be the top choice in the U.S.

The stretch ceilings from Velum Design come in a variety of options, developed as a fresh and modern ceiling solution for popcorn ceilings, knockdown, drywall, stucco, and any other wall finishing technique. Clients have complete control within the design process. The options include suspended panels, 3D shapes, or simple wall-to-wall installations. Lights, sprinklers, vents and motion detectors can be easily integrated with any of their ceilings. Colors, textures, and types are numerous and include lacquered, matte, satin, metallic, translucent, acoustic (perforated), curved, printed or painted for additional effects. These ceilings are not just for homes; businesses and government institutions can also benefit from the stretch ceiling technology.

Velum stretch ceilings were created to withstand all of life’s little moments. Champagne corks, kids’ toys, plastic arrows, and other accidental bumps. This remarkable material is easily cleaned, and it can be repaired quickly by a team of in-home specialists if ever punctured. Leaks in the roof will no longer damage your ceiling. Velum Design gives you a ceiling that won’t mold, mildew, or collapse from water weight. Although the material will melt from fires, it will never drip, which means you and your loved ones would never be burnt by dripping material.

Installation of these amazing ceilings only takes 2 hours. Customers boast about the ease of which they are with new ceilings after just a day. There is never a need to move furniture around with Velum Design’s installation teams since the process produces zero construction waste or mess. Further still, Velum Design’s ceilings do not require special handling, ventilation, or solvents for post-installation cleanup, making their technology less labor-intensive than other ceiling solutions.

Velum Design is destined to be one of the top choices for innovative ceiling design here in the States. The brand is rapidly growing and now offering a franchise opportunity for interested and qualified candidates. For more information on these amazing designs, visit their website at To learn more about their franchise opportunity, please visit the Velum Design franchise systems page at

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